Probably most of us think of veterinarians — if we give them any thought once we’ve left the exam room — as shot-dispensing, fracture-fixing pet medics.

In All Dogs Go to Kevin (***1/2 out of four), Jessica Vogelsang rounds out the picture quite nicely. Her candid memoir chronicles not only her adventures as a doggie doc, but her life as less-than-perfectly polished mom, wife of a computer geek/comic-book nerd, and devoted pet owner besotted with even the quirkiest members of the family fold.

A shy, bookwormish child who grew up with non-pet-loving parents, Vogelsang was bitten relatively late in life by the animal bug. Headed to medical school, she observed a surgical procedure on a pig, and that was that: intended career path upended in a suture.

With humor, grace and a wonderfully deft way with words, she escorts us through the trials of vet school and the ups, downs and surprises of a small-animal practice in San Diego.

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