Virtual Care is the biggest buzzword nobody cared about six months ago in the veterinary space. Amazing what a little particle orders of magnitude smaller than a grain of salt can do for things, isn’t it? COVID-19 has upended every aspect of our lives, and in the veterinary field, the changes continue to surprise. First everything closed. Then everything went curbside. Now, in late summer, clinics are experiencing a huge bounce and are busier than ever. What’s next?

The only constant is that there is no constant. The use of technology to help clinics be more nimble and flexible in how they deliver care to patients is the biggest opportunity to come to veterinary medicine in 2020, and even now in the midst of it many clinics are too busy to really focus on what that means.

The Veterinary Virtual Care Association launched like a rocketship in March, and has been working at warp speed ever since to bring these conversations to the forefront. I am honored to be one of the founding board members, and I can attest to the work each of the volunteers has put in weekly to assemble the very first Veterinary Virtual Care Summit taking place- where else- virtually, on August 18th.

I am so proud and excited about the exceptional group of speakers who all agreed to be a part of this first of its kind CE event. We’re closing in on 2500 registrants, but there’s still room for a few more. That being said, no one wants to waste your time and we’re not sure when the cap will be hit, so I want to make sure you’re aware of the reasons this conference maybe ISN’T for you. If any of these apply, you may want to look into some other options instead. Here are the Top 5 Reasons NOT to register for the VVC Summit:

1. You prefer paying for all your CE.
Some people like free things, but you scoff at such offers. FREE? Why would one possibly do that? And if one hour of RACE approved CE is out of the question, 5.5 must make your hair curl. If you’re pay or die, this summit is not for you.

2. You’re busy on August 18th and also every hour thereafter for the next 2 months.
Sure, lots of people are busy on August 18th- it’s a Tuesday, during work hours after all, but you’re way past that. The conference was designed with this in mind and will be available for 2 months for anyone who was unable to attend live, but unfortunately- you’re still too busy, for each and every minute through October. On demand, free CE is just not for you.

3. You prefer hourlong sessions of talking heads to snappier segments.
After years of the same old conference slog, you have a routine. Go into a room, find a seat while you balance stale coffee on your lap, and listen to a speaker for 50 minutes. This is how it works. If the segments range from 15-30 actionable minutes instead, or maybe they’re panels where you hear different voices instead of just one, or maybe they’re interactive video shorts….HOLD THE PHONE. With as much change as we already have to deal with in this world, why change this too by taking advantage of the benefits of a virtual environment? I suppose I shouldn’t mention the chats going on as well, should I? That’s just way too much engagement for one person, I can tell. If your idea of a good time is a virtual recreation of the exact in person conference experience…this isn’t for you.

4. You don’t work in any capacity in the veterinary industry.
Maybe you run a pizzeria, or perhaps you work in a cement factory. You’ve never worked in the industry, never owned a practice, you’re not a CSR, not a vet, not a tech, not a practice owner, not a practice manager, don’t work in industry, don’t work in a business that supports animal care in any way. THOSE people have something to gain from the VVC Summit. You, however, might want to look elsewhere for your online educational needs.

5. You think everything’s great just the way it is.
You believe change is NEVER good. If you had your way, we’d still be in horse drawn carriages, or using phone books, fax machines, and corded phones. Adapting to new technologies and expectations has never made the world a better place, not in your book. Innovation? More like InNOWAYtion. If you don’t like words like “innovation”, “improvement”, “progression”, if you think clinics should age like fine wine as paeans to nostalgia, this conference isn’t for you.

But if I still haven’t convinced you NOT to register, there’s still time. You can register for 5.5 hours of free RACE CE live and on demand right here:

Hope to see you there!