Everyone Deserves a Voice

Communications Strategies for Doctors That Work

Everyone Deserves a Voice

Communications Strategies for Doctors That Work


Trust is the Best Medicine™

Empowering Doctors to be the Ultimate Medical Influencers

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I know just how frustrating it is when clients trust a website over the doctor standing right there in the room. That’s why I built my first blog, pawcurious- and spent the last ten years mastering the art of making genuine connections with people in the online era.

Through my platform, I’ve been able to humanize veterinarians, highlight what clients want from the profession, and foster open and genuine discussions of hot-button issues most health professionals struggle with. In today’s world of medical mistrust, the role of trustworthy medical influencers has never been more important.

Whether you’re a national brand or a one-doctor clinic, there’s a way to leverage technology to build trust with your clients. My strategies and insights harness new technology to enhance old-school relationship building. I help everyone from single practice owners to medical entrepreneurs bridge the space between doctor and patient.

When patients trust their doctors, you can spend more time focusing on what matters most: healing. After all, trust really is the best medicine.

Dr. V

Is Boring Messaging Hurting Your Clinic?

Vague and bland messaging means your ideal clients are passing you over! Learn how irresistible branding will set you way ahead of the game in veterinary medicine. What are the top signs you’re ready for this branding course?

  • You’re sick of people believing bloggers over you
  • You know exactly who your ideal clients are and could use more like them
  • You know your strong points but the thought of turning that into web copy, social media posts, or brochures is way too overwhelming

No Time For Courses? Have the world’s only DVM brand guide work directly with you to craft powerful brand messaging.

The Trust Template

No matter where you are in your client relationship, there’s a tool you can use to improve it. The Trust Template provides communication strategies, guides, and blueprints to forge unshakeable bonds with your clients and lead your patients to their healthiest lives.


Use targeted messaging to attract the right clients.


Learn how to extend and maintain the trust relationship beyond the clinic doors.


Tools to react to, repair, and prevent trust disruption.

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“All Dogs Go To Kevin is a love letter to the canine species written by a true friend to animals.” – Dr. Marty Becker

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